Web Applications for visualizing ASN datasets

One of the goals of the ASN is to provide real-time, interactive and useful visualizations of data we collect. Here you will find those utilities. We are constantly developing and improving these resources, so please check back often for new tools.

We are working on supporting display and interactivity on as many platforms and devices as possible. If you would like to make any suggestions for fixes or new interfaces, please email


Skew-T Diagram
View any combination of thermodynamic and wind-sensing profilers on an interactive version of a traditional meteorological Skew-T/log-P diagram.
Colored time-height contours of any variable from any sensor in the network.

Menu icon descriptions

ASN applications use a standard menu on the left side of the window, the following are standard icons, with their uses.

See a more detailed description of each menu option
Switch to a different application
Map interface to select an alternate data source
If available, options and controls to change how the data are displayed
See a shareable URL to return to this display