Direct access to ASN data

It's not quite ready, but soon you will be able to access and use data collected by ASN in your own systems and processes.

While we already provide supplied observations to NOAA for use in the global forecast model system, we want to create a broader user community for this kind of data. To do that, we are creating an easy-to-use API for direct access to real time and historical surface-based-remote-sensor data. This API is designed to support real time modeling/warning, in addition to analysis and research applications.

The API will be a RESTful interface accepting GET query arguments, and returning JSON. Authentication will be provided tokens which are similar or identical to those used when requesting data from the Synoptic API.

Please check back here regularly to see when we have updates on the availability and access to the API. In the meantime you can see the API in action by using the visualizations on this web page.

If you would like more information on our API, or if you would like to be considered as a candidate to participate in the alpha and upcoming closed-beta tests, please contact